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Active Travel maps which bring sustainable travel information together in one place, have been designed and produced by Sustrans, in assocation with Four Point Mapping.  The maps show schools, local shops and green spaces and how to get to them on foot, by bike or by public transport.  Further information about cycle routes in the local area is also available. 

The free Hayle, St Erth and St Ives map can be downloaded here.

More information and links to other maps are available on Cornwall Council's website here.

Copperhouse Family Activity Trail
Enjoy a fun-filled stroll around Copperhouse Pool with our Family Activity Trail. Click the image to download a copy or pick one up from the Tourist Information Centre at the Library.

Hayle Townscape Heritage Initiative


"That Hayle was once the centre of the Industrial Revolution is a best kept secret. Widely known for its beautiful bay, golden sands and surf, there is also much interest in Hayle as a heritage town. Its importance as a major mining port, which also saw great advances in engineering technologies, has led to it being a part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Site."

So begins the Heritage Trails booklet which contains three walks around Hayle together with lots of interesting history.

The booklet was financed as part of the Hayle Townscape Heritage Initiative and the printed copies disappeared very quickly. Thanks to Cornwall Council conservation officer, Penny Stokes, and to the designers Nixon Design of Hayle, you can now download a copy.

Click here to download (1.8Mb).

Footloose in Hayle

A Series of Walks Around the Town

By kind permission of the authors, David Philp and Georgina Schofield, B.Sc, you can download the Footloose in Hayle booklet for personal and non-commercial use only.

© 1995, 2002, D. H. Philp, G. A. D. Schofield, All Rights Reserved

Footloose in Hayle cover

Footloose in Hayle contents

Perceptive readers will notice that the Penmare Hotel has been pulled down and that a number of other changes have taken place around town since this booklet was last updated.  It should not be too hard to adjust and I think you will find the walks and the information fun and useful.

Click here to download (file size 2.7Mb)

The Hayle Railways Walk

By kind permission of the author, Georgina Schofield, B.Sc, you can download the Hayle Railways Walk booklet for personal and non-commercial use only.

© 2003, Georgina Schofield, All Rights Reserved

The book covers three walks:

Hayle Wharves Branch and Hayle Railway Line, Circular Walk

Hayle Railway - Custom House to Angarrack

The "Dynamite" Line

Click here to download (file size 1Mb)

Hayle Railways Walk cover


Information Leaflets

The following leaflets cover interesting features in and around Hayle - both historic and present-day.

The files are each about 200kb and require Adobe Acrobat to read.

        1. Angarrack River
        2. Bodriggy Wastrel
        3. Clifton Terrace
        4. Copper and Beatrice Terraces
        5. Copperhouse Quays
        6. Copperhouse Tidal Pool
        7. Hayle Lifeboats
        8. Hayle Station
        9. Hayle Steam Brewery
        10. King George V Memorial Walk
        11. Merchant Curnow's Quay
        12. Penmare Hotel
        13. Phillack and Riviere
        14. Scent and Touch Garden
        15. Swing Bridge and Engine House
        16. The Arboretum
        17. The Viaduct