Konsel an dre Heyl

Pordic in Brittany, Twinned with Hayle






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Hayle Twinning Association

Chairman Sonia Glasson 01736 754531


What is Hayle Twinning Association?

As you probably noticed on the town signs welcoming visitors to Hayle, we are twinned with Pordic, (just north of St. Brieuc) on the Cote d’Armor in Brittany and we have been doing exchanges with them for about fourteen years. Each May we host a group from Pordic for a long weekend and then we have a return trip in August/September which provides the opportunity to share aspects of our cultures and everyday lives and generally have a good time with our “twins”.
Many of the French speak excellent English but in the relaxed social atmosphere it’s the ideal opportunity to try improving the French conversation skills. Our “twins” are incredibly hospitable and we’re sure that the association does a great deal towards “Entente Cordiale”
If you’re interested please contact any of the above.

A Cornish Vane Flies Proudly in Pordic

The new town hall in Pordic now sports the gift of Pordic to honour the people of Hayle: a specially designed weather vane sporting the Cornish Coat of Arms.

2013 Pordic Comes to Hayle!

After a lot of effort over a long time, the Hayle Twinning Association has managed to get a street named after our twinning partner, Pordic.
Parc Pordic is off Highlanes, not far from the Hayle Community School, and it is a daily reminder of our friends in Brittany.

Twinning Visit, 13-15 May, 2010


Twinning Visit to Pordic, September, 2010

The 'Haylois' hit the local newspaper

Bay just north of Pordic

A nearby market


Twinning Visit, 25-28 May, 2006


Pordic visitors arrive


At the welcome reception


The gift from Pordic to Hayle


One of the planned events: Georgina Schofield gives a guided tour of the Millpond area