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Hayle Town Mayor 2009/10

Councillor John Coombe

Mayor John Coombe

It is with great pride that I take on the position of Mayor of Hayle - having been born and brought up in Hayle I have a great love for this town and a lot of confidence for the future. 

In the coming years we are going to see major changes including the harbour, the development around Loggans Mill and the new Unitary Council.  Together with my fellow councillors, I will serve you to the best of my abilities to get the very best for our community.


Hayle has a great community spirit so lets all pull together and care for each other and our town.


I would like to thank Hayle Town Council for choosing me to be Town Mayor for the year 2008-2009 and I look forward to hearing from you.

Councillor John Coombe




Hayle Town Mayor 2006/8

Councillor Paul Birch



It certainly does not feel like it was a year ago that I sat to write a message to you all, doesn't time move on?


On the 23rd November, I was delighted to be asked to switch on the Christmas Lights by their Chairman Richard Horwell.  It was a cold night but there was a big turnout at the Day Care Centre where we were entertained by Hayle Town Band, Praze/Hayle Male Choir and 4 talented dancers called ‘Dancebeat’.


Once again the lights look superb and I would like to thank all the volunteers who erect them.  I would also like to thank all of those people who give generously to the lights by putting money in the collection tins and, also those businesses who sponsor a light display or allow the use of their electricity.


Once again the Illuminated Carnival took place, on a very cold and windy night, and I would like to thank all participants for taking the time to enter.  The community spirit of Hayle never ceases to amaze me.


Another group who deserve a special mention for their hard work once again this year is the Britain in Bloom team.  They did a brilliant job working with Brian Hosken and his gardeners in getting the town looking absolutely fantastic.  In September they received a Gold Award in their category for the South West in Bloom and then went to Coventry for the national results for the first time and picked up a Silver Award.  Their Chairman, Marjorie Roberts also picked up an award for her work.


This year saw the opening of Marks and Spencer and Costa Coffee who both seem to be doing very well for trade.


Back in June the Council joined with the fire fighters of Camborne on a campaign to stop the downgrading of the station to daytime cover only.  This means that should a fire breakout in Hayle in the evening it could add 10 minutes to response times.  We also joined them on a march from Falmouth to Camborne to raise awareness of the threat to both stations.


Following the tragedy at Newquay, we should be fighting to make sure that fire cover is at the forefront of County Councillors minds, so please help us keep up the fight.


The Harbour Development seems to have ground to a halt at present as the plans have still not been submitted following assurances that they would be put in by the summer.  Let us all hope that there is some good news on them soon!  2008 will be a leap year so lets hope we can make a giant leap into a new era for Hayle.


I would like to thank all of the local groups and the residents of Hayle for their support for the town this year and hope that you will continue to support our wonderful town in the coming year.


At this time of year it is always nice to think of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is a time for giving and sharing as well as remembering friends and family who may not be close by. 


I close wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2008.

Councillor Paul Birch, Hayle Town Mayor




I am pleased to be able to provide you with a report on the Council year 2006/2007 in which I have been privileged to serve as Town Mayor.


It is quite hard to believe that the last year has passed so quickly and I would like to express my thanks to fellow members for the support that they have given me and for making my life as Chairman of the Council at full Council Meetings “not too difficult!”


I would like to start this report by giving an insight into the work of the Council.


The past year has been a very busy time for the council and there are many changes taking shape in our town and there have been a variety of important issues that the council has tried to achieve the best possible outcome for the residents of Hayle.  


One of the main issues the council faced this year was the campaign in relation to the retention of St. Michael’s Hospital and services at West Cornwall Hospital and who will ever forget the march of 27,000 people through the streets of Hayle.


As you know the council was very pro-active in the organisation of the march, together with Penwith District Council, the Mayor’s Parlour Campaign Team and Healthwatch.  I would like to say a very big thank you to Councillors Brian Capper, John Coombe, Dick Horwell and John Pollard who worked tirelessly to make the march such a success but a particularly big thank you must go to Councillor John Bennett who coordinated the march.  I think we had a new manual every time we met as the logistics of making the March safe for all those taking part were of prime importance.  I would also like to thank all those who participated in the march on the day.


The recent announcements has given rise to cautious optimism across the various groups involved with the campaign but, it has certainly made those who control our health service realise that we are not going to settle for anything other than the best care available to us.   The Mayor’s Parlour Campaign Team continues to meet and I am sure that it will continue to strive to ensure that appropriate healthcare is provided for the Hayle parish area.


The council has dealt with a wide range of issues including the campaign for the retention of Rural Post Offices and the re-organisation of the Registration Services.


The Regional Spatial Strategy document for planning was issued for consultation last year and the council were very disappointed to see that anything west of Camborne is not on the map.  We have strongly campaigned together with the other town councils of Penwith to make sure that we are not forgotten.  There seems to have been a Cornwall Triangle between Truro, Falmouth and Camborne Redruth Pool which is different to the Bermuda Triangle in that everything that is inside the Bermuda Triangle disappears but everything outside the Cornwall Triangle seems to have disappeared according to the Regional Spatial Strategy.  We will not let this happen.


The Town Council also acts as a consultancy group in respect of planning applications and, this year we have considered a total of 217 planning applications and of these:-

  • No objections were raised to 160 of which Penwith District Council subsequently refused 9;
  • Objections were raised to 52 of which Penwith District Council subsequently approved 10;
  • No comments were made on 5 applications because they involved a point of law or were matters on which the Council could not comment through lack of relevant knowledge, for example Certificates of Lawful Development.

Of the 217 applications in Hayle 137 were approved by Penwith District Council, 29 refused, 1 part approved and part refused and 36 were awaiting a decision at the end of the year and 13 applications were withdrawn by the applicants.

Bearing in mind that unlike the District Council we do not have Officers who can make recommendations on the plans, that is a good record.  However we are fortunate that we do have Neill James, our Committees Clerk, who has a vast knowledge of planning from his previous employment and this has proved invaluable at times.


The Town Council continues to maintain footpaths, a number of which have been improved by the County Council under the new categorisation scheme of Gold, Silver and Bronze.


The council also considers highway issues and, again, has been involved in consultation in relation to disabled parking and modification and improvement works.


Recently the council has been dealing with perhaps the most important issue facing the people of Cornwall which is that of the Local Government White Paper and the proposals for a Unitary Authority based on the County Council and this issue forms the basis of further discussion during the coming months.


Turning now to the Swimming Pool Committee, I would like to compliment staff on another successful year and although visitor numbers have been down on the previous years, probably in relation to the very poor start to the summer, the income level has remained above that anticipated.


I would also like to thank the Chairman, Councillor John Coombe and the Vice-Chairman Councillor Richard Horwell, who put many hours of hard work in to make the pool what it is today.


It has been said on many occasions and it is worth repeating and that is that the Swimming Pool Committee is deeply indebted to the Town Council without the support of whom the pool would really struggle to operate.  I would also like to pay thanks to the support received from Penwith District Council in both the Grant made to the pool and the provision, by a Service Level Agreement, of the Lifeguards.


The Community Centre Committee under the Chairmanship of Councillor Robb Lello is continuing to look at Phase III of the development and we hope that in the not too distant future, applications will be made for Grant Aid to bring this project to completion.


The Resource Committee continues to carry out its role, which is principally to monitor the income and expenditure of the council, and it continues to seek the very best use of the Council’s limited finances to ensure that it obtains good value for money in delivery of its core services and also provide grant aid to worthy projects which often pump prime further grants from external sources.


Under the Chairmanship of Councillor Brian Capper, this committee has the responsibility of setting the Precept, the amount of money required from the Council Tax, and once again this year we have kept the level of increase down to less than inflation.  This is also due to the financial management carried out by the Clerk and Barrie Wright our Financial Clerk.


Turning now to my year as Mayor, I would like to tell you of some of the events I have been fortunate to attend.  In terms of what I have to say to you, I am pleased to report that the pleasure gained from visiting numerous community groups and organisations and the welcome that was extended to me was overwhelming.


My first duty as Mayor was to greet the visitors from our Twinned town, Pordic, who visit each year.  This year sees the 10th Anniversary of the Twinning Agreement between us and I am sure that this will continue long into the future.


At the end of May 2006, I was very pleased to spend a day on board HMS Cornwall, sailing out from the Naval Base at Devonport and observing the ship being put through her paces by the extremely professional crew.


Little did we know at that time that the crew would be so much in the headlines and I know that we are all pleased with the safe return of the captured crew, Nathan Summers in particular, to the UK.


In July the Annual Charity Walk for St. Julia’s Hospice took place and £3,000.00 was raised for this important facility in our community. Thank you to all those who participated, sponsored a participant or marshaled the walk.


In September I was asked to attend the Torbay International Centre for the announcement of the results of the ‘South West In Bloom’ competition.  This turned out to be a very eventful day with Hayle walking of with the Gold Award.


We also won the Abbiss Cup for Horticultural Excellence by a Municipal Authority for the Carwin Rise Roundabout, and a Merit in the Neighbourhood Awards for our Adopt-a-Plot scheme and the work done inside and outside the swimming pool. And Victoria Emberson of Hayle Community School won the painting competition in the 12-16 year age range.


September also saw the opening of the bowling green at Ellis Park which means that Hayle now has a bowling club for the first time since the year 2000.  Well done to all those involved


I also attended the opening of the Skate Park at the Recreation Ground.  I was informed by a gentleman who skates regularly that this facility is among the top 10 in the country and again well done to everybody involved.  Both of these facilities were supported by substantial Grants from the Town Council.


I attended the Remembrance Day Service in November and I shall remember the very poignant moment of the Lone Piper walking slowly around the War Memorial playing a lament. Very moving indeed.


This year we also had the Summer and Winter Carnivals and they were both very successful once again. Well done to those involved.


I was asked to judge the floats together with the Mayor of St. Ives and the Deputy Mayor of Penzance.  Both made the comment that they wish their towns had as much community involvement as Hayle.  A testimony to all of us in Hayle.


The Christmas Lights this year were absolutely first class again and my thanks go to those who helped organise their erection And those who give generously to the collections for the lights.  In future years the council will be supporting them with an annual grant.


In January the Hayle Area Plan was launched and now Delivery Groups have been formed to bring the plans and aspirations to fruition.


Finally, I would like to close with thanks again to members of the Council for their support and, in particular, to Councillor John Coombe and his wife Lorna who have attended some events with me or deputised for me on a number of occasions.


I would also like to thank my partner Dawn who, although she has not been able to attend the Mayoral engagements, has always supported me in everything.


I conclude with thanks to all staff, particularly Eleanor Giggal, the Town Clerk, who helps to ensure that the Council runs efficiently and smoothly.


For those members not standing for re-election, particularly two former Mayor’s in Marjorie Roberts and Shirley Oliver, I bid you a final farewell and I thank you for the contributions you have made over a number of years and I very much hope that you will continue to take an interest in the affairs of the town.


For those who are standing for re-election I wish you well on the 3rd May.

Councillor Paul Birch, Hayle Town Mayor



Mayor's Annual Report 2006

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